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Auto Repair, Tire Sales and Towing Services in Parsons

Kansas Tire & Service and KTR Towing in Parsons attributes much of its success to having a passionate workforce that cares about the company's reputation. Employees are proud of their history and their contribution to the growth and development of the company. Maintaining the skills of a professional workforce in an automotive shop requires a significant amount of time and energy. At Kansas Tire & Service and KTR Towing, employee development is an integral part of its continuous improvement. We actively pursue the latest in certification and training in auto repair industry and all of our technicians and tow truck operators in our Parsons auto repair shop are fully licensed and certified for your safety.

Kansas Tire & Service and KTR Towing in currently employs a workforce of 10 specialists in Parsons. Among those are a team of dedicated, 24/7 Auto Sales, service and tow truck operators.

Auto and Car Repair Advice

Heat KILLS Batteries

David Rogers explains what heat can do to your vehicle's battery, as well as what you can do to remove corrosion and get the battery functioning properly again.

Tip of the Day

Is your car worth repairing?

So, you've been told your car needs expensive repairs. Should you repair it or trade it? Let's examine some issues that need to be considered...

The fact is, some people keep their car too long, and some trade too often.

A JD Power study revealed that a person would save over $450,000 during their lifetime if they kept their cars an average of 10 years.